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Jakarta: Lapangan Banteng


The square measures roughly 230 x 250 metres, with orientation slightly tilted east north east from the northeast corner of Merdeka Square. The West Irian Liberation Monument column built in 1963 stood in the center of the square. A causeway spanned west-east in the center divide the square into two parts; the northern parts which hosts sport facilities which includes football field and athletic tracks, and the southern half which host a park with half-circle shaped pond with illuminated fountain and open air theatre. The square is surrounded by important buildings; former Daendels' palace, the Witte Huis (White House), today Indonesian Ministry of Finance occupy the eastern side, Jakarta Central Post Office on the northern side, Jakarta Cathedral on northwest corner, Istiqlal Mosque also on northwest corner, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs on southwest corner, and Hotel Borobudur occupy the whole southern side. During colonial period of the Dutch East Indies, the square serves as the military parade fields. It was the site of a statue to Jan Pieterszoon Coen who won control of Batavia, also the Lion column of Waterloo memorial (both are demolished).


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