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Wisma BNI 46 Jakarta


Wisma 46 is a 262 m tall (architectural height) skyscraper located in the Kota BNI-Maybank complex at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The 48 storey office tower was completed in 1996 under the design by Zeidler Roberts Partnership (Zeidler Partnership Architects) and DP Architects Private Ltd. The tower is located on a 15 ha lot in the city centre. It has a floor area of 140,028 m². The tower contains 23 elevators which can reach speeds of 360 mpm in the super high speed models. Wisma 46 is equal 184th tallest existing building in the world. When measured up to the roof, the tower is 228 m tall and when measured up to the lower roof, it is only 200 m tall. The tower is a cuboid concrete tower rising 200 m before a sleek glass tower rises out of it before culminating in a curved spire. The glass tower has a totally glass exterior unlike the tower it rises from which has a concrete exterior with square windows. This pattern of square windows is disturbed three times by long rectangular windows. The building's design is described as modern and late-modernist. The tower has 48 floors above ground which consist of offices only. There are 2 underground floors used for car parking.


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